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Property management and maintenance checklist

We will be responsible for dealing with any unexpected problems that may arise when the property is either vacant or occupied. We will also be the contact point for your guests in case of emergency e.g. no water, accident, locked out, air conditioning not working, etc.

We will be responsible for holding the keys of your property. To make them available for authorized persons only. If present, we will manage the key safe and be responsible for changing the code and informing tenants of their personal code to gain access to the property. If requested, callout services to take the key to the property will be billed separately.

If properties are left empty in the winter many problems such as dampness or pest infestations can get out of control. For your piece of mind, regular visits will be made to your property. The property will be aired, toilets flushed, taps run, etc.… We will also pay attention to issues that may need sorting out and provide feedback. The standard frequency for these visits is twice a month but these can be changed according to the client’s needs.

Your post box will be monitored and mail will be followed up as necessary. We can also use our post box to receive your correspondence.

We will handle all administration work i.e. telephone calls from 3rd party, emails, postage and handling of monies. Bills (electricity, water, insurance, tax, others) will be processed and paid.

We will welcome guests to the property and brief them the workings of the equipment, security aspects and local amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, garbage disposal location and others. We can also collect the breakage deposit if necessary.

Inventory checks will take place after each occupation to ensure there are no major breakages or damages that may cause an inconvenience to the next guest or the owner. We will endeavour to replace missing items and/or repair damaged equipment.

Upon request we can provide our standard welcome package which may come handy if your guests are arriving late. The package usually contains water, wine, milk, tea and coffee, sugar, cookies, crackers, butter & jam, eggs and chips (the products may vary a little).
Personalized shopping are also possible if requested in advance. After receiving a shopping list, we will make sure to have it at the property before your guests’ arrival.

We can easily do various handy work such as installing a key safe, locks, hanging pictures, shelves, etc. and we have our own team of trained maintenance personnel, ready to repair all kinds of malfunctions related to electricals, plumbing and others. For those cases where we can’t fix it ourselves we have many 3rd party personnel ready to assist us.

Our resident housekeepers will make sure that each and every cleaning service is performed within our standards. Cleanings are performed right upon guests’ departure to ensure that the house is safely closed and to check the contents for breakages. If a large gap exists between occupancy periods a new cleaning is usually done prior to the guests’ arrival. Same day changeovers are possible provided there is enough time between departures and arrivals. Additional cleaning can be arranged upon request too.

We run our own laundry to keep a high standard of service while keeping the costs down. Sheets and towels are always as clean as they can be and safely stored within our facilities.

Every now and then, especially before the season starts, a good outdoor cleaning is necessary. Orbital scrubbers for dirty and old floors, power washer for general purposes and deep cleaning the windows, frames, shutter and fly screens. We have it all and we will make them available for you.


If we manage the rentals ourselves, we will use our own linen & towels. This saves our clients from having to buy more linen while still using their own stuff when they use the property themselves.

We have quite a lot of choice when it comes to equipment that we can rent to holidaymakers and owners. Heat pumps for the pool, pool fences, baby equipment, table tennis tables, beer machines, you name it, we probably have it.

If you do not have Portuguese nationality, chances are that you will at some point need fiscal representation. We can be your fiscal representatives without any additional charges.

Each and every property that is available to welcome guests while getting paid for it will require a licence called “Alojamento Local”. Together with the licence a number of safety equipments are required (fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, etc…) to make your property compliant with the current law. We can take care of this task for you.

It is important to have a manual that holidaymakers can refer to when in doubt. Things such as telephone numbers, house rules, appliance operation manuals, maps and local suggestions are important when someone is not familiar with the house or the neighbourhood. This is something we can create for your property.

For clients with simplified regime we will be able to issue the invoices for the alojamento local and file the IRS at the end of the Year. This is mandatory to comply with the Portuguese law.

We can quote and perform all kinds of larger building works such as exterior painting, tiling, varnishing, pergolas, pool and garden construction, fencing, roofing, paving, patio extensions etc.

It is very important to keep the water in your pool within ideal parameters, to achieve this, it is necessary to do frequent balance checks and use quality chemicals as needed. With our pool service all you will need to do is to enjoy your swimming pool.

Just as the swimming pool, a poorly cared garden is a terrible business card for your property. With our gardening service we can ensure that all maintenances and treatments will be done in due time and always respecting the guests staying at the property.

We have our own professional photographic equipment that together with a careful preparation work will help capture the best features of your home. We do these works for ourselves and for our clients only.

We’re available to help get the maximum income possible for your property. We can deal with all the aspects of renting a property, from the advertisement to the check-out of the guests. Upon visiting your property we can present you with a proposition based on a commission, a fixed amount per week or a guaranteed yearly amount.

We will write the advertisement and maintain it up to date. We will advertise your property on our website for no fee and you will gain the added benefit that any duplicate enquiries we have for Seashell properties may be used to fill yours. The established websites we use to get you booking have thousands of visits daily; we will use multiple national and international websites to maximize the exposure of your property. We work together with over 10 other letting agents and share commissions in order to obtain more bookings. On average we obtain 20+ full weeks’ worth of rentals for our clients but of course this is an average, better or worse performance will depend very much on the price/quality relationship of the property.

Non-Rentalfor non-rental properties

YearlyFrom 300€

For the owner who wishes to have his house looked after all Year round and does not wishes to have it in the rental market.

  • 24/7 Phone
  • Key Holding
  • Mail Collection
  • Routine Visits
  • Bill Payments
  • Fiscal Representation


  • Cleaning & Laundry
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Pool & Garden Maintenance
  • Custom Services

RentalHoliday Rental Management

Per BookingFrom 15%

With this service you can sit back, relax and reap the benefits of our holiday rental management expertise.

  • Free Market Study & Initial Quote
  • Benchmarking
  • Price Setting with Professional Tools
  • Listing in All Major Websites
  • Professional Staging & Photoshooting
  • More Money For You


  • Meet & Greet
  • See Out Service
  • Welcome Pack for Guests
  • Cleaning & Laundry