One of the services we at Seashell make available to potential clients is a Property Finding service. Whatever you are looking for; your dream home, an investment property for your future or both, we can help you. Our comprehensive service takes the hard work out of your property search. Tell us your budget, the type of property and location you require and we do the hard work for you. Searching all of the available properties we offer you the best of the best, handpicked by us to your specifications.

You benefit from our unique service in many ways. Utilizing our in-depth localized knowledge will save you countless precious hours of frustrating, fruitless searching and property surfing only to find one or two properties that meet some, but possibly not all of your requirements. We at Seashell never settle for second best and by using all of our available resources will locate all properties within your specifications that you would otherwise not have found. We will liaise with estate agents, solicitors and Lawyers on your behalf to complete a problem free purchase.

To access this service we require an initial small search fee this is to ensure we avoid “Time Wasters” once this has been received we will then employ our full arsenal of knowledge and contacts in order to find you, your perfect home. A success fee is only payable if you complete on a property, making the whole process virtually risk free for you.

Planning on having your property generating a healthy income through short term holiday lets? We will happily include your new property in our growing holiday rentals portfolio.

What to expect:

  • When you decide to give us a try we will ask you for a detailed description of the property you are looking for. This enables us to provide you with the following:
  • An in depth search of all properties within our databases. This includes; Internet Portals, Local Estate Agents, Bank Repossessions, Auction Houses, Developers and private Properties [those not on the open market].
  • From this extensive search we select the properties that are the closest match to your personal specifications and forward them on for your consideration. You then choose the properties you want to look into, discarding those you don’t want. You can discard as many as you like until we have 2 or 3 that you would like us to visit in order to assess their suitability.
  • We then visit the properties on your behalf. They are photographed extensively, and  any key characteristics as stated within your search requirements are documented. which are then forwarded to you for approval. You are of course most welcome to come along and view with us if you are available.
  • Once you have decided on a property and wish to make a formal offer we will negotiate on your behalf. We will endeavour to get you a better price than if negotiated directly by yourself or via a solicitor, making our fee true value for money.
  • Once the deal is finalized, should you so wish, we will gladly include your new property in our portfolio of rental homes.      


Can you quickly take me through the process?  so I know exactly how Seashell works.

Certainly can! This is what we will offer you.

  • On your first contact you will be asked to complete an enquiry form.
  • There will follow an in-depth chat so we can document and fully understand what you are looking for before we begin searching; you are under no obligation to proceed.
  • When you decide to go ahead we will request payment of the search fee; once this is received we will begin an in-depth search.
  • Our search compromises of but not exhaustive to; The Internet. Developers. Privately listed properties. National Real Estate. Independent Real Estate. National/Local Press. Auction Houses.
  • From our search results we will aim to send you a selection of ten properties; please note our search results depend on how full your brief is, if we feel it is too narrow and you are missing out on potential properties we will tell you, meaning you will then have an opportunity to widen your brief.  
  • Once we have sent you a selection of up to ten properties you have the choice to view up to three or discard all. If you choose to view, your personal property finder at Seashell will;
  • Visit each and every property you convey an interest in. And present you with valuable information and reports on the local area, amenities and any improvements the property may require.
  • Comprise an all-inclusive report including photographs of the property-this will be sent to you for approval and also indicate whether the property has the potential to join our élite collection of rental properties…if your purchase is intended for investment.
  • Arrange a viewing for you through the real estate agent, if you want to visit the property in person. Again…the choice is yours.
  •  As experts in negotiation, we can secure your property at the very best price-if there are other party’s interested in the same property we can often out strip the competition securing a deal for you through our real estate contacts. Providing there is no conflict of interest.
  • We can complete the entire buying process for you- providing you with regular updates, communicating with all interested parties to ensure your purchase is a smooth one.
  • Lastly- if you require removalists, renovators, gardeners or any other form of property management services, we can put you in touch with the best of the bunch. Meaning you can enjoy relaxing in your new home the moment you step through the door.       
  • Rest assured our agreement with you is fully overseen by “Portuguese Law” with Portuguese courts taking sole authority.

Some of your questions may already be answered here

Why use a property search agent instead of searching myself?

Basically, we do all the hard work for you. By searching all available properties that you would otherwise miss we discard those that don’t make the grade only showcasing properties that meet our and your stringent guidelines. We do the searching, the legwork and will spend countless hours on your behalf finding the very best of the best in up market accommodation. Meaning… you don’t have to waste your valuable time in futile journeys with unsatisfactory outcomes. Plus, as experts in the field you can rest assured that we will showcase all properties that not only match your requirements but will also show you those that have the potential to be shaped into your perfect home. Plus, we oversee the entire buying process for you…doesn’t get more stress free than that!

Isn’t that what a real estate agent does? Why should I choose your service over a realtor?

Ok…let me answer your first query. A real estate agent will source your properties from their databases only. We work with numerous agents concurrently not only that but we know who to go to within each agency, meaning we get the best for you. Real estate agents also value our service; we have a strong relationship, both working in your interest. Meaning that we can cover more ground for you, source more properties far more efficiently than a single real estate agent and you only have to deal with us instead of searching countless realtors for your dream home. That in a nutshell is the difference.

So… after I have given you a budget and my requirements I’m no longer involved in the process?

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. You can choose for us to take you right through the negotiations to purchase or make use of our straightforward knowledge and negotiate the final deal yourself; it’s your choice.

What if I decide to look on my own after I have initiated your services?

Again, it’s your choice. But with our all-encompassing search it is very unlikely that you will find properties we haven’t already presented to you.

That’s great! But how long will it take to see results?

Usually, we would expect to show you our first search results in seven to ten days. It all depends on what you are looking for against what is available.

You said earlier that you oversea the entire purchasing process for me. Does that include all the legal stuff like solicitors? What about removal firms and what if I need to do some renovations? And what about the purchase funds? Do you deal with that too?

Relax…this is what we can do for you.

We can provide you with a choice of;

  • Solicitors
  • Mortgage advisors
  • Insurance brokers
  • Architects
  • Planning consultants
  • Interior designers
  • Landscape gardeners
  • Builders
  • Removal companies
  • Lawyers

We cannot;

  • Handle purchase funds these have to go through your solicitor and banking institution.

Our fees

  • Search fee; Seashell will make available to the client our Property Finding Service on acceptance of a search fee of 600 Euro. (plus IVA) Non-refundable. At the end of the period agreed if a suitable property has not been found a further search fee will be required to continue Seashells service.
  • Success fee; will be due on exchange of contracts and if, the client purchases any property shown by the property finding service to the client. And, any property the client instructs the property finding service to inspect or negotiate on and comprises of; 1.5% plus IVA of the purchase price or 10% (plus IVA) if the negotiated saving between the asking price and the purchase price is greater.   

Success fee is also chargeable if the client purchases any property as stated above within one year of the contract termination date.

What happens if I request you start a search but I then decide not to go ahead? Do I pay a penalty fee?

Not at all. You will have already paid our service fee, if you then decide not to go ahead for any reason, there are no hidden costs. We at Seashell understand that life is not always a straight road, situations and circumstances sometimes change, we don’t penalise you for this.

Contract and Termination

  • Property Finding services will be provided to the client by Seashell for a period not extending four months or;
  • When ten properties have been sourced that meet the client’s requirements as identified in the initial consultation or;
  • On legal completion of the purchase or;
  • By either party at any time giving ten day’s prior written notice; please note that any property transactions concerning clients referred by or to Seashell previous to the termination date of the contract will remain subject to Seashells terms and conditions.

Confidentiality agreement

Seashells service between ourselves and our clients is fully and strictly confidential, and must not be discussed with or divulged to any third party this includes;

  • Any and all appraisal and comments.
  • Any and all verbal and written communications, electronic and otherwise.


Seashell reserves the right to decline instruction unless permission is otherwise granted where there is or we discover will be a conflict of interest between new and or existing clients on any one property at any given time.

All photographic, written and verbal information relating to any property a client has expressed an interest in will be submitted by the vending agent to Seashell unless otherwise indicated. Therefore, any such content will be unverified by Seashell to be error free or exact.

Comment made to the client from Seashell regarding a property including but not exhaustive to: letting income predictions are Seashells opinion.

Comment is given in good faith for guidance purposes only. Therefore, any appraisal, guidance or opinion given to the client cannot be taken as a guarantee nor warranty. It is solely up to the client to satisfy themselves as to the comprehensive exactitude of any given information provided before completing on a purchase.