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Welcome Package

At most of our homes we provide a welcome pack containing some basic consumer products such as water, milk, eggs, biscuits, toasts or bread, snacks, tea, jam and a bottle of wine. It is our way to welcome you and to thank you for your preference. If however you plan to arrive late and want a more complete package please see your options below.

pre-arrival shoppings

Pre-Arrival Stock Up

We do provide a basic welcome pack (when available) in most of our properties but if you would appreciate having the fridge stocked up by the time of your arrival, we can provide that for you too. This will save you having to wake up earlier the next day to go grocery shopping. You can just provide us with a shopping list, we will make sure it is there by your arrival. The cost for this service is simple, 20€ or 10% of the bill, whichever is greater.

Extra Maid Service

Extra Housekeeping

The majority of our houses includes a cleaning and linen changeover once a week and only if staying for more than 7 nights. You may however request further maid service at a cost of 12€ per hour.

Rental Car

Hire Car

We have agreements with a few trustworthy car rental companies whose terms and conditions are clear and have no strings attached. Clear prices and no shady fuel policies. These rental car companies will even deliver and pick up the car anywhere in the Algarve for no extra charge. Check out our rental car section for prices and availability for your dates.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

If you do not feel the need to have a hire car you can just book a transfer with us, a professional driver equipped with a modern car will take you to your destination and back. From 35€ each way.

Cook & Chef Services

Cook & Chef Services

Our concierge service can find you a professional chef for that special occasion that you’ve been planning for a long time or the cook that you would find very useful during your holiday. Just give us a call or email us and we will make arrangements to contact these professionals on your behalf. This service should be booked with as much anticipation as possible as it will always depend on third party availability.

Pool Heating

Pool Heating

In colder months having a heated pool can make all the difference, especially with the younger in the family. From April to late November this is a very sought after extra, if you plan on having the pool heated for your holiday than it pays to book it well in advance. The supply is limited but we have over a dozen heat pumps that we can fit to almost all of the properties we represent. Please book it via the booking form or talk to us via phone or email. Please check our pool heating FAQ.

Pool Fence

Pool Fence

If you have young children and security around the pool is paramount than we can solve that too. We can have a fence installed, complete with door, for a fee. This is quite cost and labour intensive and this is the reason we ask for 150€ to have it fitted by your arrival. Almost all of our properties can have this fence installed. Talk to us if you would like to enquire about availability.

Outdoor games

Outdoor Games

Your villa does not come with a table tennis table as standard equipment? No problem, we can supply a quality outdoor table for a modest fee. For just 75€ we will supply the table, racquets and balls so that you can keep everyone in the family busy during the holiday.

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Beer Machine

Beer Machine

If you plan on carrying a lot of beer cases from the supermarket towards the villa save yourself a possible hernia. We can have beer machines fitted at the villa and you only pay for the barrels. The beer will be stupid cold too.

Beach Towels

Beach/Pool Towels

Bath towels are always provided with each and every rental, however, beach towels are not (unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking). You may reserve as many towels as you need, the cost is only 3€ per towel.


Catering Service

If you would enjoy having a hot meal waiting for you at the property at check-in or during any other special occasion than we can make it happen. You just need to speak with us, describe what you need and we will make it happen.

Special Occasions

Special Occasions

We’ll be happy to help plan a special occasion for a member of your party. Bake a cake with an appropriate theme, balloons, champagne for a special celebration, flowers for your loved one or any other affection gesture than you may have planned but that you do not have the time to organize. Speak to our concierge service to describe what you’re looking for and get a quote for it.



If for one night you plan on staying until late outside the property and you’re worried about the kids, you can ask us for a babysitter. All the babysitters are trustworthy and with given proof over the Years they work with us. The cost for this service is 15€ per hour.

Extra Bed

Extra Beds

Provided that the property can have one or more extra persons staying, it is possible to hire extra beds. These are temporary beds, equipped with one set of sheets, pillows and bath towels each. The cost is 9€ per night per bed.

Additional Linen

Additional Linen or Bath Towels

If you do not require further cleaning but would like to have an extra set of towels or bed linen for your stay than you can also request it. The maids will leave them in the house before your arrival.

Baby Extras

Baby Equipment

We have all the baby equipment you will need. From high chairs to stair gates. All of our equipment is in excellent condition or new. Some properties may already include this equipment but others will not, they will need to be hired. Speak to us to know prices.

Bike Rental

Bike Rental

Whether you’re an outdoor sports aficionado, enjoy a bike ride with family or quite simply need a cheap and practical mean of getting from A to B than our bike rental option is for you. Please get in contact with us for prices as these vary according to the bike type and the duration of the hire.