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About Seashell - Property Management and Holiday Rentals

Seashell started its activity in 2004, having over 15 Years of experience in property management. It started as a family business, directed towards the property management and all the inherent services. Over the years we began to see a growing necessity from part of our clients to have some income from their properties in order to offset some of the expenses. From then onwards we also began to specialize in holiday rentals.

At this moment, we have a dozen employees, with a wide range of functions and expertise in order to provide a better service to all of our customers, whether they are owners or guests. We are proud to say that, over the years, our owner clients have become part of our extended family and some of our guests have become friends.

If you have a property that you’ve bought for your own use or as an investment and you need a credible company to look after it, get in contact with us, we promise to be brief.

Our Team

AntónioBig Boss

Antonio is a former air force navigator who saw in the algarve a chance to reinvent himself and start his own business.

CarlaSmall Boss

Carla found in the property management and holiday rentals business the perfect complement for her lifelong interior design career.

TinaMulti-Function Printer

Albertina used to work for an accounting firm before she embarked in a journey to find a different career. We’re very glad she found it with us. She's 1 in a million.


Bruno is a dynamic person with an appetence for martial arts. When you see Bruno coming, you know you're in for a whole lot of pain. Hmmm, maybe this is the description of someone else. Sorry.

Dora the ExplorerMIA

Dora went "Missing In Action" after she found her own way around the Algarve. She will keep exploring though.


Nadine was on a bad hair day when she took this photo. She's a good girl and one we can rely upon. She will keep pushing our standards upwards.


Marco looks like someone who's going to stab you in a dark corner but he's a good guy. He's our electrician and our chief maintenance man, he's also a dry land sailor.


Incognito quiet sub-chief cleaning lady. She's quiet, we still do not know what she sounds like when she speaks. We have hopes that it will be soon.

Sr. ZéCement Mixer

José is a rugged man, he's not afraid to dive heads first onto any sort of dirty work. He's good at pretty much anything except technology and speaking English, he speaks at Zeze Camarinha level.

AnaCourt Jester

Ana will pick up the phone at the office and ask how can she help you. Be sure to spell your name correctly or else she will call you some funny name.


Luis is our chief gardener, he was kinda bloated (ovated) when he took this photo. With a team of 5 and a lot of work to do, he lost quite some weight. He's gaining it back now. :)

AndréWater Boy

5 Years later we're still waiting for André to get his driving license back. Until then, he will be serving waters to the rest of the staff. Occasionaly he does other stuff too.

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