With the advent of smartphones and tablets, several applications came along to make our lives easier in many areas, travel is no exception. Now, with just one click, you can access all the necessary information to travel without having to unfold any papers. One does not need to be tech savvy to take advantage of these apps, they are very easy to use.

It has never been easier to book a trip, a table at a restaurant, know the weather at your destination, which places to visit, just to name a few. These are some of our favourites:


Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Have one of the best world travel guides on your phone is very useful as it brings together all the necessary information for a successful trip, from hotels, transport, what to visit and where to eat. This application, compatible with iPhone and Android, costs € 3.99 and € 0.72, respectively. Download it at lonelyplanet.



This application brings together all of your e-mails for confirmation of flights, hotels and rental cars and makes it very simple to visualize the information to save time before and during your trip. It is free and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. You can get it in tripit.com.



Here you can find all kinds of accommodation. You can rent a room, an apartment or even an island. Also, you can rent your own home. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. It is free and is available airbnb.com.



With this app, you can easily find your way around public transport systems of major cities (subway, bus, trains and even bikes). With GPS assistance you can simulate routes and estimate the necessary time to reach your destination. Compatible with Android, is free and is available at Citymapper.



There are more than 75 million reviews from other travelers about hotels, restaurants and places to visit around the world. It is a tool to help find the best places to go near your location. It is free and compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. Learn more at tripadvisor.com/apps.


Quickly search flights from over 600 airlines, including low cost, with price comparison on various dates and the possibility to immediately book online. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android, is also free. You can download it in skyscanner.com


Xe Currency Exchange

If you are going to a foreign country with a different currency than this application is very useful because in a few seconds you will have the value of the local currency converted into something you can understand. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry, it's free. You can download it in xe.com/apps.



It offers weather information from various parts of the world. You can receive hourly forecasts and weather warnings. It is translated into several languages. This application is free and compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android and is available at  wireless.accuweather.com.



The app for those who have difficulty to pack for a trip so that nothing is missing in your luggage, you only have to choose the kind of trip you will do. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android, it's free. You can get it in itunes.apple.com or emplay.google.com/store as many others.


FlightTrack Pro

This app shows the itinerary of flights in real time as well as maps of the main airports in the world. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android, it's free. Can be downloaded at itunes.apple.com and play.google.com/store.