Easy Divers


We do a Coast Tripe along the coast to a protected area where then we conduct  the Snorkeling tour always accompanied by a professional. All the necessary equipment for the activity will be provided by the company.

Boat trip, Insurance equipment & guide.


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Discover scuba diving


This program is divided into 3 parts:

-theoretical introduction where we explained the basics of the sport,

-pool practice where you will have to perform some safety drills,

-a dip in the sea to a maximum depth of 12 feet always in the presence of one of our professionals

After this experience will receive a certificate that will give you:

1-      Chance to dive during a year again without having to repeat theory and pool accompanied by a professional to a maximum of 12 meters.

2-      This experience count as the first dive to the diving course (validity 1 year)pen Page.


Adult100.00€ ADD TO CART